12 - Bottles of beer (or equivalent in a bar tab)
12 - Bottled water
12 - Cans of assorted pop
1 - Deli tray for six of assorted snacks and meats or a hot dinner meal when available.

4 - Hand towels
1 - Full length mirror
1 - Clothing rack

NOTE: In some cases we also require a 6' x 8' PRIVATE dressing room with clothes rack, light and mirror directly off stage for quick costume changes.


EQUIPMENT RIDER – (For smaller shows of under 500 people.) For concerts and large events backline is the same and we assume the front end is adequate.

NOTE: This list pertains ONLY to events where we are unable to bring our own equipment.


2 - Guitar amps with 2 12 inch speakers - Fenders, Marshall's or equivalent.

4 - Guitar stands

1 - Bass amp (A powered Fender, Ampeg or Gallien Krueger bass amp with 4 10 inch speakers or equivalent)

1 Complete HI END 5 PIECE DRUM SET, (Yamaha, DW, Pearl, or equivalent) with fresh heads, with hi hat stand, 4 cymbal stands and cymbals.

1 - Drum Riser (minimum 6 x 7)

5 - Monitors


2 - Double 18" Sub Woofers (or 4 singles), 4 - 15 and horn top boxes - with passive crossovers. (These must be of hi end quality) - EV, JBL, EAW or equivalent) Enough Power amps to sufficiently power this front end or self powered units.

1 - Mackie 24 channel mixer, Soundcraft folio or equivalent.

2 - 1/3 octave graphs

1 - Stereo compressor (eg: Alesis 3630 or equivalent) or 2 single compressors. NOTE: Stereo PA is not necessary, ( if in stereo we require 1 additional 1/3 octave graph and compressor with an insert cable for the kick channel)

1 - Digital delay

1 - Digital reverb

12 - Microphones, cables and stands sufficient to mic 4 vocals (Beta 57's equivalent) ,drums (drum clip ons are fine rather than stands) (high end kick drum mic, and 57's or 58's or equivalent). 2 Wireless mic's would be prefered for the two lead vocals.

2 - Passive DI's with ground lifts NOTE: All cables required to wire this system (1/4 inch, XLR, RCA, insert)


5 - Discreet Monitor mixes with appropriate equalizers and power

5 - 15 and horn floor wedges


A few Par 64's

Some movables / specials

1 - Switching unit with sound sensor (or adjustable chaser, or operator) to change scenes

All stands, power cables and accessories required to operate this system including 220 tie in, and 110 lines.

Black backdrop (if required by the client) - 30 X 12

Spotlight and operator (if available it really adds to the show)