Bryan Politano
(Performing as Rock Lindsday, Dope Tyler & Hunter)
Dan Politano
(Performing as Johnny McGuinn, Money Ramone and Duff)
Bass, Vocals
Dean Gibbs
(Performing as Gord Glover, OJ Kenieval, & Teal Cumberbund)
Guitar, Vocals
Laura Gibbs
(Performing as Lulu Jagger)
Vocals, Keyboards
Ken Kempster
(Performing as T-bone & Kenny K)
Rock n Roll Fantasy is an all star group of musicians hand picked from Victoria's premier rock cover bands. With members from That '70s Band, Roxxlyde, Younger Than Yesterday, Free Ride and Rock of Ages, Rock and Roll Fantasy recreates the look, sound and feel of the '60s, '70s and '80s in a three set party that will leave you smiling, dancing and singing along. With accurate re-creations of each decade's top rock songs, and period correct costumes, Rock n Roll Fantasy creates an unforgettable musical and visual experience.